This up-and-coming all male dance company presents two new works by Artistic Director Christopher Reynolds and invites you to finish the sentence, whatever that may be...


Following on from their debut tour 4 Men:Move, Christopher Reynolds pays homage to the company's style of exciting floor work infused with the creation of a dynamic vocabulary.


Udifydance Company offer a fresh take on the effect social networking has on our choices and decisions. To make the work, they actively sought input through the company's Facebook page, asking followers to finish off the sentence,

"And when we move …".


The company invited artist Claudine Wiseman into the rehearsal studio to interpret their creative process in drawings. These will be exhibited on the night and are available to buy — a unique chance to own a 'slice' of Udifydance!


Udifydance Company produce works that express a heightened representation of space, energy, textures and patterns, and is wonderfully mesmerising to watch.



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“And when we move...”
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